Galeria is a lifestyle clothing brand created in 2021 by Renata Leitao Apladas, a Brazilian living in Greece for over 13 years. 
With years of experience in fashion and retail, her former job as a visual merchandiser afforded her the skills to become the visionary and
curator of Just Brazil, a well-known destination for resort wear located in Greece and available worldwide.

Wanting to explore her own voice and artistry, Renata has crafted her vision for what resort wear should be- simple, vibrant, timeless.
Her collection s is a nod to the clean effortlessly chic greek islands and memories of her own summer seasons at the vibrant hometown of Sao Paulo.
She draws passion from these two cultures rich in history but diverse in lifestyle. Her attention to detail and her flare for storytelling 
through colors and patterns have come together to create the DNA for the Galeria brand.

All the products of the brand are design and produce in Greece.